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Authorized Access Only

WARNING - You must not proceed to access this facility unless you hold formal and current authority to do so from Naufar. To proceed without such authority would be a serious act of misconduct and you may be deemed to have been committed a criminal offence. Action will be taken against the people who misuse this facility. All data held on this system is strictly confidential and is the property of Naufar. You must not cause or permit any unauthorized person to view or use the data on the system. You must not copy or transmit such data in any form whatsoever for any purpose that Naufar has not authorized.

WARNING - accessing the system means: 1. That you fully agree to and accept (a) any license conditions and (b) all the terms of the Corporate IT Security Policy, and 2. That you consent to your emails and internet usage being audited by people authorized by Naufar. This means that your emails and your internet use may be scrutinized at any time without prior notice. Any misuse found may be reported and action taken against you.